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Allow us to locate qualified candidates for your organization. H-Impact provides staffing services to organizations searching for contractors, part-timers or full-timers to fulfill staffing needs for their various projects. We understand that like in many areas of business, time is a rare commodity and should be allocated to those areas of business where organizations specialize. The lack of time sometimes makes it difficult to properly screen candidates while focusing on the organizations business deadlines and objectives.

H-Impact works with organizations to screen and place qualified candidates for temporary and permanent positions. Our staffing associates work with job seekers directly and/or businesses on an ongoing basis. We perform all those time consuming tasks upfront required during hiring candidates for organizations to ensure the job seeker's and businesses are a good fit.

4 Step Process

We staff with a 4 Step Staffing Process:

  • Application
  • Candidate Screening
  • Client Interview Process
  • Placement

Job Seeker?

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