Search and Apply

Searching for a Job

If you are like many Job Seekers of today, you understand that searching for the right position can sometimes be a bit complicated, not to mention time consuming. H-Impact’s Job Search has been designed to reduce the complexity and minimize the time it takes to search for that ideal Job.

H-Impact’s Job Search page provides Keywords and Posted Within search boxes to quickly filter the listings to help you drill down to Jobs that are most compatible with your interests, experience and qualifications. Once you are satisfied with your results you may then look at each Job in more detail by clicking the Job Title. One more thing about the Job Search…it’s free!

Applying for a Job

From the Job Detail page, once you have found the Job you want, click the Apply Online button to apply.

The Job Application process can be summarized in 4 parts:

1. Your H-Impact Account Is Required

Applying for a Job requires an H-Impact Account. Don’t worry...just like our Job Search, this is free too. If you don't have an H-Impact Account, the Account Registration process is quick and painless.

2. Use Your H-Impact Employment Profile

Once you have an account, your next step will be to use your existing H-Impact Employment Profile or create a new H-Impact Employment Profile to apply, which (you guessed it) is free too!

Your Employment Profile includes your personal info, (name, address, etc.), work experience and credentials such as certifications and licenses, if available. There are more sections in your Employment Profile for you to complete, but bear in mind many of these sections are optional. Although many sections are optional, it is highly recommended that you complete as many sections as possible to improve your chances in obtaining positions posted on H-Impact.

3. Organizations Contact Candidates

The Employing Organizations/Companies are notified immediately when candidates apply to positions for which they post. They can then review your Employment Profile and resume, if you uploaded one. Based on the Job you've applied and what you've provided in your Employment Profile and resume, the Organization may choose to contact you in moving forward in their Candidate Selection process.

4. Tracking Your Job Applications

We keep the Jobs to which you’ve applied on our site for your review. Simply login and click the “Your Jobs” link under the Employment section to track your Job Applications.