Running On No Fuel Part 2: Overcoming Road Blocks

By Travis Holt | June 27, 2017


Have you stopped using your primary motivator or the original reason you set out for employment as fuel, and are now running on "No Fuel"?

If there is one thing for sure, life seems to be full of road blocks. When we run into one, we have three choices.

  1. We can quit and give up letting the road block stop us in our tracks.
  2. We can rethink our initial course and attempt to reroute to get to our destination or
  3. We can shore up our resources and go right through the road block and arrive boldly at our destination.

In Running On No Fuel Part 1: Engaging Your Primary Motivator, in a moment of self-reflection, the discouraged individual acknowledges they are at the end of their rope as it relates to their lack of progress seeking employment, but went on to list several things that they have done or are doing that are considered essential when attempting to gain employment in a field of their choice.

I've found that many times when people fall short of their dreams it's because they run into difficulties and give up too soon. It is also possible that they may be overlooking opportunities that are available to them.

Let's look at the list of things the Job Seeker mentioned that they felt they are doing and have done right. With each item let's review how they may be able to better take advantage of each.

They referenced:

  • Having years of education, possessing certifications and licenses.
    Many times institutions or systems that provide one's education also have career development programs that are designed to help Job Seekers that acquire the credentials locate Jobs that match the credentials acquired. Make sure you contact these institutions/systems to inquire about your eligibility for the career development programs.
  • Tons of references just waiting to give them rave reviews.
    Contacting ones's references are a great way to reroute or go right through the road block. More than likely, one's references have contacts that they will be willing to share in order for you to obtain employment.
  • The number of networking or professional organizations they are associated.
    If you may have slacked off recently due to your busy schedule and trying to find a job, it would be a catastrophe if you miss out on an opportunity because you didn't attend a normally scheduled meeting that may have a guest speaker to a company that you are interested in employment. Also, the members themselves may have a lead to a job that could be your chance to get in front of a recruiter with the added advantage of knowing someone from the networking or professional organization you are associated.
  • The number of volunteer hours they accumulated in the name of charity.
    Volunteering at charitable organizations is a wonderful thing to do based on the original purpose in which they were formed. You give back by providing a much needed service or assistance to those in need based on the mission of the charity and work with other volunteers while doing so. This is another terrific form of networking that may lead to an Employment opportunity.
  • Related experience in previous job positions.
    Reaching out to some of your former teammates or colleagues to see if they know of any positions in the company or if they know of any outside that would fit your skills, background and experience may also lead to employment during this time.

To The Discouraged Job Seeker

Wherever you are on your journey to obtain Employment, remember that it is your journey. You need not compare yourself to anyone else and what may seem to be success for them. Use every moment that feels like a disappointment as more motivation to accomplish your goal. You are worth it. Don't let anyone tell you different. You are uniquely qualified to make this trip. You may be low on fuel and feel you are running on No fuel, but I encourage you to continue on. Continue revisiting your primary motivator and asking yourself is it worth it? Do more of the "right things" while adding to them when necessary, and do them with more passion to ensure you are getting the most out of each experience, resource or credential you possess. By doing so you will provide yourself a new route around the road block or boldly go right through the road block to arrive at your Employment destination.

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