The Ingredients For Employment

By Travis Holt | May 31, 2017


The most notable recipes are passed down through generations and subsequently prepared countless times over. The quality and quantity of the ingredients along with the level of preparation come together to produce what we experience as the unforgettable delectable dish.

What if there was a recipe for Employment? What would it look like? Let's take a moment to analyze what would go into our delectable dish — Employment. Because Employment comes in so many shapes and sizes let's stick to the most essential ingredients or components.

The Will

Many would say this is the most important component. "Without a will there is no way" speaks volumes when it come to obtaining desirable Employment. This is something that can't be taught and has to live within us in order for us to rely on it and tap into it as a resource. Our delectable dish —Employment, or more importantly, our individual reasons for obtaining Employment, can prove to be the common motivator within us all. Having the will to carry through what we set out to accomplish will enable us to outlast the difficult times, if and when they arise, as a result of the Employment journey.

Current Knowledge and Skills

Obtaining the knowledge and skills required for Employment can be acquired from formal or informal education, a system or institution such as public or private school, college, or trade/technical school. Obtaining knowledge and skills can also be achieved from hands-on experience obtained in similar or related roles.


Like the delectable dish composed of various ingredients, the dish's presentation is as equally important as the taste itself. Presentation as it relates to Employment mandates an awareness of the type of Employment being pursued. This includes things such as our written and oral communication skills, use of online Social Media platforms and finally the overall dress and appearance required for face-to-face interactions such as interviews.


Every chef has their own style or touch when preparing a dish. To make every dish by the book by the recipe would be boring, to say the least, and could potentially rob the culinary industry of its creative spirit. The same goes for the Job Seeker or Employee that lacks creativity. Many companies have standards but encourage creativity and innovation to stay relevant and competitive. Being creative is a must in many industries and as a result Employers look to hire individuals that work "within the box" but are not afraid to venture out.

The Ingredients Summarized

To summarize, the ingredients for Employment include the candidate's Will, along with their Current Knowledge and Skills, a well put together Presentation, and a flare of Creativity. The percentages required for Employment are unique to each candidate and depend on the type of Employment being sought.


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